6 Inch Heels

An essential part of every womens wardrobe is the shoe shelf and a shoe collection that does not include some 6 inch heels is incomplete, the six inch high heel is now a mainstay of the fashion shoe range, just ask Victoria Beckham or Jessie J.

6 inch heels are available in all types of style including the sexy stiletto heel ideal for the office, strappy sandals which complement a floaty summer dress, mini boots which are very popular at the moment and of course the very hot thigh high boots.

The style of shoe you choose is important to your very own sense of fashion and the look  you want to achieve so we have grouped the collections into styles of shoe and to view simply click on an image below.

6 Inch Heels By Style

stiletto6inchheelsThe classic 6 inch stiletto heels should be in every womens collection. A fun and sexy yet businesslike style which shows you are a girl who knows who in charge…YOU!

The stiletto is often worn with a tailored business suit to give the trim and toned look to your legs which will attract admiring glances whilst maintaining that cool efficient exterior.

Many people think of the stiletto heel in black but there are  many other colours to choose from so let your imagination run wild!


strappy6inchheelsThe strappy 6 inch heel sandal is perfect for many occasions such as parties, wedding celebrations or just teamed up with a floaty summer dress for instant glamour.

Styles vary but look out for the simple open sandal or the super sexy lace up the leg style. The strappy styles are available in colours to match virtually any outfit so there is no excuse not wear them.



platform6inchheels6 inch platform heels are very popular because the platform sole causes the foot to be in a much less angled position and thereby maing them comfortable to wear for extended periods and yet still gaining those important inches.

We have a great selection of 6 inch platform heels in a range of styles and colours so don’t be afraid to have a look!



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